TIP Small/Mid-Cap Representative 300 Total Return Index

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Based on market size and stock numbers in each industry, TIP Small/Mid-Cap Representative 300 Index extensively selects 300 sector distribution stocks. The index has possessed an ability to represent performance of whole mid/small stocks in Taiwan stock exchange (TWSE) market, and it also can reflect changes of business cycle. TIP TWSM 300 is a representative index of market volatility for whole mid/small stocks.


UniverseListed companies of Taiwan Stock Exchange
Weighting MethodMarket Capitalization
Base Date2018.12.22
Launch Date 2018.12.24
Base Value5,000
Calculation FrequencyEvery 5 sec
Number of Constituents300

Index Performance

1 Month3.04%
3 Months17.26%
6 Months12.68%
1 Year23.32%
3 Years-
5 Years-
Annualized Returns
1 Year15.72%
3 Years-
5 Years-
Annualized Standard Deviation
1 Year26.53%
3 Years-
5 Years-
The index performance is calculated through its total return index values; the price index values will be used in calculation only when there is no total return index.


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