Taiwan Labor Rights Index

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Taiwan Labor Rights Index (hereafter Taiwan LR Index) is developed by TIP, Rayliant Global Advisors Limited Taiwan Branch (RGA) and Business Council for Sustainable Development of Taiwan (BCSD). The evaluation model of labor rights is established by taking corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, annual reports, government information and financial figures into consideration. The index combines a multi-factor strategy, which includes qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to select listed companies which lay emphasis on labor rights. The index is designed to enhanced productivity, value and working environment.


Index Universe Listed companies of Taiwan Stock Exchange
Weighting Method Factor-weighted
Base Date 2019.05.24
Launch Date 2019.05.27
Base Value 5,000
Calculation Frequency Every 5 sec
Number of Constituents varies after each review
Index Type PR/TR
Periodic Review June

Index Performance

1 Month-0.62%
3 Months0.72%
6 Months6.09%
1 Year41.4%
3 Years-
5 Years-
Annualized Returns
1 Year41.71%
3 Years-
5 Years-
Annualized Standard Deviation
1 Year10.98%
3 Years-
5 Years-
The index performance is calculated through its total return index values; the price index values will be used in calculation only when there is no total return index.


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