TIP TAIEX+ Small/Mid-Cap Select 50 Index

Qualified companies of medium or small size are capable of creating earning at a higher speed, comparing to large-size companies. Therefore, medium or small companies have high potential in growth and their high volatility in stock prices allows investors to earn risk premium. TIP is going to launch the "TIP TAIEX+ Small/Mid-Cap Select 50 Index" (called "TIP SMC 50 Index" or "SMC50" for short) on March 13th, 2017. The methodology selects stocks with higher profitability and lower risks to comprise the index.


Index Universe Listed companies of Taiwan Stock Exchange
Weighting Method Free float adjusted Market Capitalization
Base Date 2017.03.10
Launch Date 2017.03.13
Base Value 5,000
Calculation Frequency Every 5 sec
Number of Constituents 50
Index Type PR/TR
Periodic Review April, October

Index Performance

1 Month1.54%
3 Months7.49%
6 Months2.27%
1 Year36.94%
3 Years71.95%
5 Years-
Annualized Returns
1 Year39.15%
3 Years19.6%
5 Years-
Annualized Standard Deviation
1 Year18.89%
3 Years18.68%
5 Years-
The index performance is calculated through its total return index values; the price index values will be used in calculation only when there is no total return index.


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