Taiwan Index Plus Corporation, a subsidiary fully funded by Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), was established in January 2016. As Taiwan’s first professional index company, TIP is committed to providing various index and information and promoting the innovation of financial products based on the past experience in TWSE. We intend to form reciprocal relations with other countries, leading the capital market toward enhanced development with multiple product series. 
TIP specializes in index development, maintenance, licensing, and marketing in Taiwan and abroad. TIP will maintain and promote TWSE’s existing indices, including Taiwan's most representative TAIEX index series, co-compiled by TWSE and FTSE, and other customized indices. In line with the international trend of index development, TIP will continue to collaborate with foreign institutions to co-compile indices that meet investment demand, licensing indices for use as investment performance benchmarks or to be issued as products such as ETFs, index funds, index futures, index options, index warrants, and structured products. TIP hopes to facilitate the continuous growth of Taiwan’s passive investment market, provide domestic and foreign investors with new products for asset management, and inject momentum into Taiwan’s capital market.


Develop various Indices and value-added Resources

Taiwan Index Plus Corporation (TIP) responds to international trends and the evolving needs of the global market by developing diversified index products and enhanced information services.  In addition to our own research and development, TIP seeks close collaborations with renowned international index providers, stock exchanges and other institutions to further develop new models and methodologies.

Provide Investors with Professional Client Services and Support

TIP's considerable focus on index operations allows for the effective utilization of resources. Custom indices and data product services can be quickly developed to meet the specific investment criteria of our clients.  In addition, we provide asset and risk management consulting services to assist clients in selecting effective passive investment strategies.

Assist in the Development of a Comprehensive Capital Market

The extensive cooperation between TIP, the financial industry and information service companies produces numerous index products and related data product services for the market, which expands business opportunities and provides more robust investment channels and performance benchmarks for institutional investors. TIP stimulates the development of Taiwan's capital market on multiple levels through multitudinous products. 

Promote Cooperation Between Taiwan's Stock Market and International Institutions

TIP will continue to collaborate with foreign stock exchanges, index providers, and financial institutions in order to co-compile cross-border and cross-market indices to fulfill the demand of each party. Striving together, TIP and partners will jointly provide market index services to expand the clientele.  Future collaborations will consist of maintaining existing indices and promoting additional complex business projects.  

Our Services:

  • We are responsible for the compilation, maintenance, licensing,
    and marketing of indices in Taiwan and abroad.

  • We provide customized index outsourcing services, including
    calculation, maintenance, dissemination, and other licensing 
    related services.

  • We maintain, disseminate, and license indices on behalf of the
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and other 
    domestic and foreign institutions.

  • We offer securities information and related professional

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